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This is my first journal post. I should have titled it, “What a Way To Start an Adventure, ” however that title was already taken.

Whew!  An attack is coming.  It looks like an invitation to all out war on all of Israel’s fronts; Iran and Iraq  from the East, Yemen from the South,  Syria and Hezbullah from the North, and there is still Gaza to the West,   A drone and missile attack.

I read an urgent email by an American journalist who lives in Tel Aviv, and who has been covering the war diligently by consulting primary sources.  In his email he stated outright that Israeli Intelligence has shown that Iran, et al have already launched drones.  They are expected to arrive late tonight.

The journalist has said he plans to stay up all night to report on significant developments.

There are two reasons for me not to be very scared,  1. I am in Pardes Hannah – Karkour.  It is a generally safe location, not having been targeted in the recent past.  2. With the description of these drones moving slowly, I believe the Israeli Air Defense system will have a relatively easy time protecting the country from the threat.

Nevertheless, I will admit to being a little nervous.  I am in a top floor apartment in an old building, with just the ceiling/roof between the sky and the apartment.  There is a bomb shelter down stairs, and I should be able to go there if things get too hairy.

My third night in Israel, and it looks like World War 3 is being launched with me being one of the targets.  Looks like I’ll be staying up all night, again.  What a Way To Start an Adventure.

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