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Here I am in the waning days of my youth, and it’s about time I shared some stories with you.
One of my mottos is “Every day is a new adventure.” The problem is, if I spent all my time writing about my adventures, I’d have no time to have them. That’s a dilemma.

Our first real-time adventure will be in Israel.

I think I’ll approach this like a journalist. Get the stories in real time into the “Israel” category. The other articles with commentary will go into the “Journal” category.

You know?  The newspapers have got Israel all wrong.

Look, the news media has to sell papers, so they don’t mind sensationalizing their stories with misleading information that appeals to mobs of people. Misinformation is especially prevalent when they report on Israel.

We all remember the reports of horrific events of October 7, 2023. By October 8, 2023, anti-Israel protests began taking to the streets in many countries. News media and politicians saw these demonstrators taking over the streets. Guess which audience it was easiest to pander to.

Believe it or not, despite the noise of mobs of protestors, bits and pieces of the truth still pop up from time to time. That’s why you need to sign up for my newsletter over there on the left. Get a brand new perspective based upon what is really happening.


Adventures In Israel

Passover: A Hope For Freedom


I could not, with complete honesty and compassion, wish my friends and family a happy holiday this year. Not while Israel is at war, and so many soldiers are away from their families. Not while more than a hundred of our tribe are being held hostage

Sderot: A Town With PTSD Keeps Growing

Sderot Children's Park

I traveled to Sderot, on the Gaza border, where I once lived. For over 20 years Sderot has been terrorized by Gazans who have frequently launched rokets at Sderot. Nevertheless, only a few people have abandoned Sderot, while the city has grown.

Letter To Alexandria

Passover Seder In Gaza

I composed a letter in my head to Alexandria while I was walking along a busy highway – lost, of course – somewhere between Afula and Pardes Hannah. The ordeal of getting lost in the Israeli bus system was getting to my head. It all vanished when I met a soldier who was proud to show me pictures of a Passover Seder.

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